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PurchaseSmart™ gives you an extensive set of real-time analytical tools and reporting capabilities, so you can evaluate supplier performance, buyer purchasing patterns and pricing fluctuations instantly.

PurchaseSmart not only tracks the actual costs of purchasing, making it easy to measure ROI, but captures critical procurement data you can use to analyze spending, measure supplier performance and identify opportunities to leverage spending. In short, we create the foundation for truly strategic sourcing.

  • Track unauthorized requisitions
  • Evaluate department and commodity spending patterns
  • Evaluate pricing up to six different ways
  • List top suppliers based on dollar spending
  • Track non-contract purchases and negotiated purchases
  • Analyze supplier performance based on quality, price and delivery
  • Track buyer ordering cycles and processing times
  • Track the movement of stocked items
  • Monitor available inventory to facilitate automatic replenishment
  • Capture partial deliveries, over deliveries and returns
  • Track inventory that is ordered, but not yet invoiced
  • Create an up-to-date record of fixed assets-automatically
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